Outstanding UK Debt

About UK's Outstanding Debt

The University of Kentucky primarily issues General Receipts Bonds. These bonds are secured by a general receipts pledge, as defined below. The total pledged revenues for FY 23 were $4.3B.

"General Receipts" means:

(a) certain operating and non-operating revenues of the University, being (i) Student Registration Fees, (ii) nongovernmental grants and contracts, (iii) recoveries of facilities and administrative costs, (iv) sales and services, (v) Hospital Revenues, (vi) Housing and Dining Revenues, (vii) auxiliary enterprises – other auxiliaries, (viii) auxiliary enterprises – athletics, (ix) other operating revenues, (x) state appropriations (for general operations), (xi) gifts and grants, (xii) investment income, (xiii) other nonoperating revenues, and (xiv) other;

(b) but excluding (i) any receipts described in clause (a) which are contracts, grants, gifts, donations or pledges and receipts therefrom which, under restrictions imposed in such contracts, grants, gifts, donations or pledges, or, which as a condition of the receipt thereof or of amounts payable thereunder are not available for payment of Debt Service Charges, (ii) federal grants and contracts, (iii) state and local grants and contracts, (iv) federal appropriations, (v) county appropriations, (vi) professional clinical service fees, (vii) capital appropriations, (viii) capital grants and gifts, and (ix) additions to permanent endowments, including research challenge trust funds.

Outstanding General Receipts Debt Breakouts

Outstanding debt and debt profile as of June 30, 2023; subject to change without notification.

*General receipts debt includes the 2019A&B Certificates of Participation which have a subordinate general receipts pledge.

Outstanding principal by Project

outstanding principal by type

annual debt service

**The 2010 QECB's have a balloon payment of $12,955,000 coming due in 2025 and is reflected in the Annual Debt Service graph above.